About the healing crystal bracelets

All of the healing crystals in the bracelets are handmade by me, (Emma, head Crystal Healer!), in my studio in rural moorland countryside near the Peak District, from genuine gemstones I choose for their quality and purity. Each Czech crystal is a genuine Czech glass bead which sparkles in the light, and the silver and gold accents are solid silver or gold plated.

They are strung on high quality, thick elastic which is very durable and will stretch over your hand to form a snug or looser fit depending on the size you choose.

Reiki infusion
After I make every bracelet I channel the natural healing energy of the universe into each crystal, using my Reiki training, for the highest good of the person who is going to wear it.

By infusing crystals with the natural healing energy of the universe through the methods taught by Mikao Usui, the crystal’s natural energy and healing or empowering properties are amplified to help the wearer heal, become empowered or transform their lives for their own personal higher good.

And following the affirmation included with the bracelet, you can further empower yourself as you connect to the natural healing energy of the universe.

I include an affirmation with each bracelet so that you can connect to the healing energy and affirm the intention of the bracelet’s healing power. I also include information about how to cleanse your crystals.

AuthorEmma – head Crystal Healer!