Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui who was born in 1865 in the village of Taniai-mura and grew up in a Buddhist family. It is thought that the original purpose of ‘Reiki’ taught by Mikao Usui was to find one’s spiritual path or ‘Satori’ to heal oneself – treating others was really a side issue.

It was a simple spiritual system of self-healing and spiritual development that came through committing yourself to doing daily exercises, self-healings, and spiritual empowerments and following the daily precepts.

Doing daily energy work is the foundation of Reiki practice, and helps to clear your energy system, move you into a state of balance, and develop your ability as a channel for Reiki energy. Mikao Usui’s students received empowerments from him as their teacher and this also forms the basis of modern Reiki training.

By infusing crystals with the natural healing energy of the universe through the methods taught by Mikao Usui, the crystal’s natural energy and healing or empowering properties are amplified to help the wearer heal, become empowered or transform their lives for their own personal higher good.

And following the affirmation included with the bracelet, you can further empower yourself as you connect to the natural healing energy of the universe.


AuthorEmma – head Crystal Healer!