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I started making healing crystal jewellery years ago for friends and family and people often commented on the jewelley and asked if I could make something for them. I started to get more and more requests and soon began to sell them. I feel very strongly that we are attracted to the energy of the crystals that can most benefit us.

I have been intrigued by crystals since I was a child and my friend got a gemstone polishing kit for Christmas! I felt we had a glimpse into a secret world of the power of crystals and since found that each one has its own unique energy and resonance with us and the universe. This special energy can help us to re-connect to our higher consciousness and the universe which we are all a part of to heal and transform ourselves and our lives.

My interest in Reiki healing energy also began years ago while I was at college, and it was lovely to find out about something that made the world I had always experienced make more sense. I had a few treatments, and then began to try and project the energy myself, to heal myself and people, animals and even plants in my life! I began to do a Reiki course in the traditional Usui Reiki, with daily precepts, weekly empowerments, daily exercises and attunements which helped me increase the connection I felt to the natural world and made me feel stronger in my confidence as a conduit of the healing energy of the universe. I then went on to complete Reiki 2 and Master Level.

My interest in crystals and their healing properties grew alongside my Reiki training, and I then studied for a  CTAA accredited diploma in Crystal Therapy Healing. I became more aware of the healing power of crystals and how they can be infused with the natural healing power of the universe through Reiki to amplify the natural energies and particular healing or transformative energies of the crystals in a wonderful and magical way!

We all have access to this healing power. We are all part of and connected to the universe and its healing energy. Reiki is a practical way to reconnect us with this energy and allow it to flow through us and direct it where it’s needed. Crystals are amplified by this energy in their own unique and magical way!

AuthorEmma – head Crystal Healer!